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Q: What Is the Difference Between Optimizing for Awareness Verses Optimizing for Conversions in Your Paid Advertising Campaigns? And How Do You Accurately Measure Each?

When you are optimizing for awareness, consider the following tips for your paid channels:

  • Where can I get the most reach and eyeballs on my advertisements given my target demographic?
  • How can we test out broader match keywords to capture a wider audience searching for similar things?     
  • How many site placements within our industry and keyword targets can we use to receive valuable impressions and clicks?

If you are optimizing for conversions, consider the following tips:

  • Test out Lead Generation Ads – they specifically give the user a strict CTA and easy to convert steps.
  • Group the keywords that are bringing in conversions into a new campaign and bid more aggressively on them while watching the other campaigns as well.    
  • Look at site placements and remove anything that is not bringing in high amount of clicks / conversions.

When you are looking at your data, depending on what you are optimizing towards, different metrics should hold more or less weight:

When measuring awareness / engagement, pay close attention to…

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Time on Page

However, when you’re measuring conversions, you should be focusing on…

  • CTR
  • You guessed it…conversions
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