MoreVisibility Moves Office…A Great New Space and Lots of Nostalgia



For most organizations an office move is a stressful experience. There are often lots of unknowns, particularly from the perspective of relocation of equipment and technology. I’m pleased to report that our move was very smooth, and that going through the exercise benefits us in a bunch of ways.

While the VoIP phone system, new carpet and desks (that raise to standing at the push of a button) are great and the view is beautiful, what we think will be really special about our new digs is the way we’ve utilized the space (roughly 7,000 sq. ft.) to encourage a higher degree of collaboration between our teams (SEO, Interactive Marketing, Analytics, Design / Development & Social). Each team is “on the floor” together, but in a manner that allows people to communicate easily, while also allowing for quietness to focus on the tasks at hand.

In our former office (home for 15+ years of our 19 years), we grew and added team members along the way. We were laid out in a manner that worked but was also rather siloed. Teams were in different rooms and our internal meeting spaces were limited. In addition to our beautiful new conference room, we’ve built several smaller ones with all the important technology to meet internally or collaborate effectively with clients via phone or video.

If you are based in South Florida or plan to be here (for business or pleasure), we welcome you to come by to see our new office.

As far as nostalgia goes, I’ve taken home the Google mini fridge circa 2008 from my office and am still deciding whether the time is right to break open the 2003 bottle of Ask Jeeves’ wine.  

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