Digital Marketing For B-B Companies: The Fear & The Opportunity



A significant percentage of B-B companies (particularly ones that were around before the dawn of the Internet), struggle with prioritizing Digital Marketing when that translates to reallocating funds from other channels, such as tradeshows and print catalogs.

The challenge typically emanates from the fear of pulling back from channels that have historically been a central element to how business gets accomplished. That may (or may not) be a valid concern today, as for many companies’ tradeshows aren’t delivering anywhere near the impact that they had in the past and the opportunities to precisely target decision makers via SEO, SEM, Display, LinkedIn, etc. can be remarkable (when implemented effectively).

My point here is not to suggest in a blanket fashion that these older school tactics should be abandoned, but rather that a case should be made within organizations to objectively determine the value that these channels are delivering and compare that against the potential of Digital Marketing.

Start with your website itself…

  • Does it present your organization in an impressive manner?
  • Is the content organized in a way that facilitates prospects or customers being able to find what they’re looking for efficiently?
  • Are the images current and compelling (and not generic stock photos)?
  • Is the site Search Engine Friendly (SEO)?
  • Do you have clear calls to action that mirror your desired client acquisition goals?
  • How does your website compare to that of your important competitors?

If the answer to the last question is that “theirs is behind the times also”, that’s not a valid excuse to rest on your laurels.

Disruption to the status quo historically lags in B-B industries compared to consumer facing brands. That’s the challenge and the curse. We’re consistently seeing that companies who are investing in their online presence are pleased with ROI, even if it comes at the expense of a few tradeshows, etc.

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