Say The Right Words, Make A Million



I love this song. It was written by the Tom Tom Club in 1981…an offshoot of the Talking Heads, the legendary band that skyrocketed the career of David Byrne. Every time I hear it my head spins… words on paper can be meaningless or can be brilliant and as such can lead to a fortune.

What are words worth?

What are words worth? Words

Words in papers, words in books

Words on TV, words for crooks

Words of comfort, words of peace

Words to make the fighting cease

Words to tell you what to do

Words are working hard for you

Eat your words but don't go hungry

Words have always nearly hung me’

I’d venture a guess that if the song were written a decade (or two) later, that somehow the internet and web content would have made its way into the lyrics. The typewriter sound that starts off the song is one that’s been lost with the transition to the keyboard. Our kids don’t even know it. Yet, in its era it signaled productivity and thought (content) generation.

Digital content that's targeted to your audience and is thoughtfully crafted and packaged for the various web / social channels is today’s gold. If you can figure out the content that resonates with both the search engines and your audience, you’re well on your way to “making a million”.

From all of us at MoreVisibility, we hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday season and a fantastic 2019!

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