Don’t Shame Your Ecommerce Customers into Upgraded Shipping



I went through my annual exercise of ordering checks from the bank the other day via their website. Maybe I’m simply of an older generation, but I still write checks, though not nearly as many as before online banking.

The transaction began on Bank of America’s website and then I was sent over to Harland Clarke’s check customizing and ordering (secure) website. The basic checks that I order don’t cost me anything. And, though I’m certain Harland Clarke is paid by the bank for producing, personalizing and shipping them, they are clearly incentivized to sell an expedited shipping method.

Unless you run out of checks (or are at risk of), you’re probably not in a big rush to have your checks sent to you. But, are you willing to have your checks sent in the slowest, most un-safe manner imaginable?

Harland Clarke sure hopes that you will reconsider your decision and upgrade to a more robust shipping option.

While it makes sense that a reasonable case can be made to invest in their upgraded shipping, and it’s probably quite profitable, the way it’s positioned doesn’t make me feel good as a customer…and it’s perfect timing / fodder for my newsletter article.

User experience is not only whether your site is intuitive and well designed; it’s also whether your customer enjoys the experience. Are your customers feeling good after making a purchase or are they feeling insulted about their shipping method selection?

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