Spotlight on Voice Search



This month we’re changing things up a bit. Rather than feature a question from the audience we wanted to take a minute to highlight Voice Search.

The time is now to prepare for your brand’s increased visibility and presence in Voice Search. From Siri, to Cortana, to Alexa, to Ok, Google, and more – there are a wide-range of voice search assistants and products on the market and gaining user adoption. In order to stay ahead of the curve MoreVisibility is:

  1. Programming a variety of Voice Search skills and innovations for use by ourselves and clients. Stay tuned to several forthcoming announcements and releases.
  2. Working on ways to adapt and modify clients’ Content Strategy to take into account Voice Search needs like:
    • How To's and Step-by-Step Instructions
    • Transactional Requests, and
    • Specific Data and Fact-Based Queries
  3. Eagerly anticipating our Platinum Sponsorship at Conductor’s C3 2018 Conference on March 7 and 8 where we’ll be offering complimentary Voice Search consultations to attendees. Learn more.

If you’re interested (1) to learn more about Voice Search and how MoreVisibility can help or (2) to submit your own question to our monthly Ask the Expert series, please email us.


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