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Andrew Wetzler


A tendency we have as marketers is to stick to our comfort zones with respect to the channels and types of campaigns that we run. That’s hardly surprising in that it’s not necessarily easy to find a channel that performs well, so once you do, it’s not always a top priority to research and experiment with additional ones.

Danielle Leitch


Back in 2016, I wrote an article entitled, Twitter Advertising: All the Cool Kids Are Doing It. I shared the options and tactics available to promote your account or amplify your message within the Twittersphere.

Max Braglia


It never stops to amaze me how misunderstood and neglected the importance of a highly-converting landing page is among digital advertisers. Truth to be told, the best media plan in the world won’t be successful if you send traffic to a landing page that doesn’t convert.

Michelle Pinkney


Q: How do I consolidate sections/pages on my website with overlapping themes?

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