Avoiding the “Black Markets” of Social Media



Back in 2016, I wrote an article entitled, Twitter Advertising: All the Cool Kids Are Doing It. I shared the options and tactics available to promote your account or amplify your message within the Twittersphere. For many years, MoreVisibility has managed many clients’ organic and paid Social Media content, which includes using Twitter as a channel. I find many great uses for Twitter with companies and brands crossing many categories and audiences. However, one thing remains the same for all these organizations – and has since day one of the channel – there are no shortcuts!

A recent NY Times article was published discussing the Black Market of Social Media, specifically Twitter. The piece appears to be well researched and took time to compile. It highlights the practice of buying followers, more specifically fake account and not-account followers. While this concept isn’t new to social media, including Twitter, the Times showcases the complex systems and inner workings (as well as big financial business) that a “look important and influential quickly” approach, would include.

MoreVisibility has been steadfast with its Best Practices approach, dating back to our roots with SEO work back in 1999. Social Media reflects many of the same principles as SEO – it’s a slow and steady process with no quick fixes or overnight magic “wins”. Those who suddenly find themselves with a windfall like that, need to dig much deeper into the “How”. Usually, there is much more than the initial enticing message for how that windfall would be acquired. In this article’s case, it’s an immediate (very large) boost of followers, with an accompanying mass of RTs to spread a message.

When working with Influencers, it’s incredibly important to do your research (not just in them but the validity and authenticity of their accounts) and establish personal connections. Although tough in some cases and timely to do, authenticity is and always will be key to success in Social Media and Influencer Marketing.

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