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Q: How Heavily Should I Rely on Conversion Rate & Bounce Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate and Bounce Rate should not be ignored, they can tell you how efficient your campaign is and what user behavior looks like on your website. However, understanding the goal of your campaign is very important when looking at these two data points before making optimization decisions.

Conversion Rate

  • If you are looking at Conversion Rate, your goal is probably Leads/Sales – even if your Conversion Rate declined MoM, did your revenue and/or leads increase?
  • How about your ROI? Did you spend slightly more but increased your ROI even if Conversion Rate declined?
  • Do you measure other points of Conversions, such as phone calls or form fills?

Bounce Rate

  • If you are driving people to a Landing Page to consume content, has your Average Session Duration in Analytics improved?
  • Have you considered creating a custom Bounce Rate goal that fits your campaign, such as only looking at Bounces from Users spending less than 10 seconds on the page?

These two metrics are usually focal points for paid campaigns, but making optimizations without considering all factors around these two metrics could lead to unsuccessful outcomes.

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