Google/MoreVisibility’s June 2018 Digital Marketing Summit Highlights



MoreVisibility hosted another ½ day learning event at Google’s NYC Chelsea Headquarters on June 13th. Our workshops with Google are a great opportunity to hear firsthand what’s new (there always something new) and also what’s expected of businesses who are marketing their websites through Google and their family of properties.

The keynote was delivered by Google’s Darius Ameri. Darius drove home the point that expectations are the highest ever in terms of website performance with the objective of "WOW me Everywhere" as an overarching theme.

"WOW me Everywhere" distills into points like:

  • "You are competing with the best user experience that a consumer ever had"
  • "Assistance is the new battleground for growth"
  • "Help me faster"

If you are seriously committed to competing (and thriving) in this next era of digital marketing and ecommerce, then you can’t let your visitor experience be anything short of amazing. If you fall short in areas like page load time (particularly on mobile devices) Google is apt to penalize you, and site visitors will not wait around. If you fall short in terms of user experience and functionality, then your customers and prospective customers are apt to find another (competing) business who nails their web experience.

Takeaways from the breakout sessions included:

  • Google’s Data Studio can add to the visualization of your Google Analytics, AdWords and other performance data (Bing, etc.). This can aid decision-making and the sharing of key data within organizations.
  • Understanding the User Journey and the types of marketing that make sense at different points along the way is more vital than ever.
  • Attribution by device…. The importance of recognizing that a person who begins a "Journey" on a mobile device and finishes on their desktop be recognized as the same individual.
  • Customize your Remarketing efforts based on your visitor’s past activity and data from your CRM…don’t just make it generic, one ad does not fit all.
  • Google has increasingly sophisticated tools for cultivating "similar audiences" that marketers can target.
  • Use AdWords’ Machine Learning to fine-tune your campaigns.
  • Integrate Google Optimize with AdWords to easily test landing page content based on specific campaigns, ad groups or keywords.

It’s always a high energy learning experience when spending time at Google. If you’d like to learn more about the material that was covered or have anything else to discuss, please let me know….

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