Personalizing a Web Visitors Experience – Google Optimize



Perfect personalization at scale is complicated and requires deep knowledge about your user, in addition to a number of tools.

There are various platforms that can help with anticipating customer needs and serving personalized results. Google Optimize can be used to make changes easily and although there is a fee-based platform – the free version is very effective. There are no costs based on website visitors or experiments, so the possibilities to customize content and experiences are endless.

Below are some examples of personalization:

  • Mass personalization is leveraged to accommodate large groups like new users, subscribers, high value users, users that like apparel, etc.
  • The marketing is targeted to the right audience (age, demographic, interests).
  • The on-site experience matches the marketing message (creative, copy, CTAs).
  • Users are tracked across device (desktop & mobile) and they can be served content based on their location.
  • Users are served recommendations based on their previous preferences and logical additions for their cart.

In addition to being able to quickly personalize content, Google Optimize is an exceptional testing tool. For retailers, Optimize can test the effectiveness of your other platforms by AB/MVT testing different configurations and styles of elements like merchandising, targeted emails or product sorting. It is critical to have a testing strategy and roadmap in place for this effort to be effective. Below is an example of a Testing Plan:

The challenging part of using this free Google product is strategy, implementation and analysis of results. That’s where a partner like MoreVisibility will be effective to generate maximum ROI and optimal results for your organization.

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