Designing Your Social Media Marketing



Visual branding is an important component of social media because it works to convey the personality of your company, increase engagement, and expand your audience base. The use of design is an essential component for successful social media marketing.

Visual Storytelling & Engagement

Telling compelling stories that your audience wants to hear is a crucial component of attracting and engaging your audience. As the digital audience continues to read less online, it is important to create captivating images that convey a message with little reliance on text.

When searching for the proper image, look for ones that display the experience instead of the task itself. For example, if you are creating a post about traveling with children, a child’s suitcase or an image of a plane may convey the message clearly. However an action shot, such as the one below, brings the user into the overall experience of a happy child on an adventure.

In storytelling, there are 5Ws- who, what, when, where & why. When it comes to the digital imagery selected to tell a story – search for images that answer the ‘why’ instead of ‘what’. An image of a plane says ‘what’ the post is about, an image of a child smiling while having an adventure answers the ‘why’.

Design Consistent Templates

Consistency is key in social media. Your audience begins to expect certain posting trends, and it’s important to capitalize on the engagement of your most successful posts. One of the ways to increase engagement and provide consistency is with social media design templates. Analyze the insights from your social media accounts and see which post topics are performing well with your audience. From there, create reusable design templates that amplify the overall appeal of that particular content. 

You can create a design template for promotions, company announcements, quotes, facts-of-the-day, etc. 

Not only does it make it easy for your team to manage social, but you also provide consistent elements for your audience to engage with.

Get Started with Brand Style Guidelines Specific to Online Imagery

If you feel you’re missing the mark in regards to your social media designs, the first step is to create brand guidelines specific to your online imagery. Take a look at your social media insights. Are there posts with images performing better than others? What elements, colors, and perspectives do these images have? Create guidelines that instruct the types of images that are used. Use your brand guidelines to instruct on template styles, fonts, colors, etc.

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