May 2018 Newsletter


Andrew Wetzler


You may be familiar with the saying…”ready, aim, shoot”. Well, there’s also the phrase “ready, shoot, aim”, which I’ve heard applied in a bunch of ways over the years. Search it in Google and you’ll find articles applying the phrase to things ranging from The Trump Administration to career growth.

Danielle Leitch


Oath is the newly formed parent company of Yahoo and AOL under the new ownership of Verizon. Very similar to Google AdWords or Bing, Yahoo Gemini offers a variety of advertising options to marketers for driving website traffic, raising brand awareness or even to promote a mobile app.

Chuck Forbes


Technology is the demise of human interaction! We are becoming emotionless to what is around us, everyone is just looking at a screen!

Theo Bennett


Q: Should I Upgrade to the New Google Analytics Collections Script Called the Global Tag?

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