Digital Marketing Strategies for Professional Services Firms



I am spending the week in Orlando, Florida among hundreds of accounting firm Partners, Owners and Executives. There are two conferences that MoreVisibility is sponsoring and speaking at – Firm Foundation and RSM Alliance. Both of these events are meant to empower these practices with the necessary services to profit and grow. Clearly, digital marketing strategies and tactics are an important part of the conversation.

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The firms at the conferences geographically represent the entire Unites States, range in revenue from modest to substantial, and have varying levels of support intact (or dedicated) for marketing.

One thing is consistent though … whether they realize it or not, they all need to be focused on what the online space can do to help grow their practices. Some I’ve spoken to so far are onboard, yet some just aren’t sold that online marketing is a channel or vehicle that can drive qualified leads for their business or their bottom line.

If you’re in the latter group at your firm, let’s talk. There are so many ways to geo-target ads and web content if you’re regionally focused, or limit exposure to a very defined audience based on who you serve as clients. Networking and referrals will only drive so much for so long … if you’re looking for expansion and high growth, the digital landscape must be included in your business plan and budget.

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