Why and How to Feed the Content Beast



We talk about content and the role that it plays with Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and overall engagement with your target audience(s). We struggle to create content, particularly written content that is robust, timely and valuable from Google’s perspective.

Yet, if driving qualified leads from Organic search is a meaningful dimension of your business development strategy, then there is no substitute today for (highly targeted) content creation.

Content however isn’t restricted to the written word (and that includes for Google). While it’s still likely the most valuable type for SEO, it’s highly worthwhile to also be putting energy into video, images, podcasts, whitepapers, etc. You may be aware that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (behind Google). Videos make more sense for certain products / services than others, so invest some time to think through the value of creating them and research what your competitors are doing.

If your audience is consumer oriented, it’s time to put additional resources into experimentation with Instagram. While still an evolving channel, brands are communicating with their target audiences in a refreshingly simple manner that is resonating. People follow brands they associate with and who are carrying a message through pictures or brief videos. We’re seeing brands engage, entertain and sell to their followers. It’s still all really new and the time to accelerate your learning is now.

If your selling channel is B to B, then there are wonderful opportunities to communicate via LinkedIn both Organic and Paid. For Organic, posting of articles, blogs, etc. (from your website) are great ways to share information that your connections will appreciate. Paid advertising in LinkedIn can also be effective if targeted properly, though they can also be costly.

Quality content spotlights thought leadership and that’s often a big differentiator when someone is making a purchasing decision. Investing the time to figure out the types of content that will resonate with your audience is vital, as is developing the content on a consistent basis.

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