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Since MoreVisibility was launched in 1999 we’ve participated in an incredible set of client experiences through Digital Marketing’s growth and evolution. We have always prided ourselves on our ability to help clients navigate change and emerge stronger.

My new book is a month-by-month chronology of the birth of Digital Marketing and a summary of the ideas / tactics that businesses are applying to achieve accelerated profitability from their investments in online marketing. You can download it for FREE here.

Studying history is most valuable when there are lessons that can be drawn and applied to future efforts. With that in mind, my book includes “Nine Immutable Facts About Hyper-Profitable

Digital Marketing Programs from an Old School Marketer”.

Businesses that effectively address these nine items are very well positioned for impressive long-term growth and profits.

Here are the Nine Facts:

  1. Website Effectiveness (User experience) Is Paramount
  2. Getting Everybody on the Same Page Is Crucial
  3. Content Creation Is the Currency of the Internet
  4. SEO Matters
  5. Paid Search and Paid Social Should Be Utilized and Tweaked to Profitability
  6. Connect with Your Clients via Non-Digital Channels
  7. LinkedIn Is Unparalleled for Cultivating New (B-B) Relationships
  8. Commitment to Learning Is Fundamental
  9. Experimentation with and Adoption of New Techniques and Channels Is Vital

I welcome any feedback on the book and in particular the Nine Facts outlined above, that are discussed in detail.

Lastly, we would welcome an opportunity to learn about your Digital Marketing history, goals and challenges and explain how we could assist.

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