Make 2020 The Year of Experimentation



A phrase I hear quite often when folks describe the evolution and state of the Digital Marketing industry is “mature”. There’s a bunch of truth to that as many organizations have reached a point whereby the fundamentals of their efforts (SEO, SEM, Analytics, Social) are in place and programs are performing in a reliable / hopefully profitable manner. Some companies have reached this level through in-house efforts and others are using agencies, while some are employing a hybrid approach.

While from an historical perspective companies should be applauding this degree of accomplishment, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t lead to complacency when it comes to trying new tactics / channels etc., as maintaining a profitable Digital Marketing program is never a guarantee. A number of variables can change, including competitive pressures, so it’s vital to maintain a dual focus on current performance along with a “what’s next” perspective.

Part of the strategy we employ for clients involves encouraging them to fund a “testing budget”, so that as new paid opportunities arise, an (often slow) internal effort to secure additional resources doesn’t have to be launched. It’s typically around the 10+% of budget ballpark.

We’re always evaluating new offerings from the search engines and social channels to more cost effectively generate sales / leads, etc. for our clients. It’s particularly valuable when clients are able to find something that works for them ahead of their competitors.

If you are working with an agency and they are not constantly guiding / pressing you in the ways I’ve just described, then you’re missing an opportunity. We’d love to chat with you.

From all of us at MoreVisibility, we wish you a fantastic holiday season and a hugely successful 2020!

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