Top Four Trends That Should Be a Part of Your 2019 Digital Marketing Plan



As we all know, the Digital Marketing industry is changing every day. New tools and technologies are emerging, innovative thinkers are putting a fresh spin on existing tactics, and the expectation for good content continues to rise.

With 2018 in our rear view and our 2019 Digital Marketing plans in full swing, are you sure you’ve strategized for the top 2019 business-critical Digital Marketing trends? Before the months slip by, here are the top tactics that should be included in your Digital Marketing plan for this year:

#1 Voice Search

I’m sure you’re are tired of hearing about voice search. But, by 2020, over 50% of all searches will be conducted via voice. When adding voice search to your Digital Marketing, remember that these types of searches increase the pressure to maintain a relevant, high-quality presence because most voice searches in Google result in only showing high ranking sites. Whether you’ve started to develop a roadmap, have experimented with creating Alexa or Google skills, or haven’t yet created a voice search strategy, this year voice search needs be a key component of your SEO strategy.

#2 Video Marketing

YouTube is currently the second largest search engine behind Google and the opportunities to advertise within this channel are vast. There are options to advertise in text over a video, based on a contextual similarity, or a quick pre-roll ad before a video. However, there is more to video marketing than just YouTube. You can also add videos directly to your social channels, landing pages, etc.

Depending on what your brand is selling, a large majority of users confirmed that watching a video of a product before purchasing, significantly increases their confidence in a buying decision. When creating a digital marketing strategy around video marketing, ensure the video is short, entertaining and branded. And keep in mind that the first 8-10 seconds should be the most impactful because consumers will make the choice to either stick with or click away during this time.

#3 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As Digital Marketers, we can no longer ignore the power of AI in 2019. AI is used around the world to analyze search patterns, and comb through billions of consumer behavioral data points, social media posts, blogs and more for important information. Google has urged its advertisers to start trusting AI for decision-making within Google Ads. Without much human interaction, Google’s AI and machine learning gives advertisers the ability to test different messaging combinations, and expand the options of finding your precise target audience(s).

#4 Attribution

In 2018, attribution (alongside artificial intelligence) was a major topic of conversation in the Digital Marketing industry. Tracking spend across every area of marketing and determining its contribution to your revenue has become imperative. With most users starting their buyers’ journey on one device and finishing on another, you much ensure that your brand is properly tracking this information to truly understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

As a Google Marketing Platform Partner, we have knowledge that Google will be making some big announcements in this area this year to help marketers create unique attribution models based on individual campaigns’ goals. This is a major game changer given the tracking differences you may need for branding efforts versus broader service efforts.

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