Your Social Channels Can Fill a Vital Role in Vetting New Ideas



One of the (many) elements that propelled the growth of the Internet was the fact that websites provided much greater flexibility in terms of a company being able to modify their message and conversion points than anything before it. No longer was it necessary to print a brochure or mailer to convey a message to a prospective customer that often became obsolete well before the supply ran out. Even worse was printing something that sounded promising, but that didn’t produce results.

Nothing has changed in this regard. Websites are still a phenomenal vehicle for businesses to communicate their value proposition, be found in Search Engines, and convert prospects into customers. They have also (historically) proven to be an excellent tool to capture email addresses from prospects and build a house list for future follow up.

A few things have made this path to new business cultivation more difficult. First, is that for many organizations, particularly larger ones, making changes to a website is a cumbersome process that requires collaboration with other departments, who may not share a similar sense of urgency. Secondly, for many businesses today, email marketing is not nearly as effective as it used to be.

What has changed Internet-wise, however, is the role that Social Media can play in connecting with your target audience and testing ideas in the most rapid manner possible. Unlike making changes to a website, posting something to Social Media channels is immediate, and it provides an instant connection to your established audience (followers, connections, etc.). It also offers a bridge for your message to be shared with other individuals (who are not yet followers, connections, etc.), all without any IT-related headaches / roadblocks.

By testing ideas on your Social channels, you can see what resonates (and what doesn’t) and then use these learnings to further refine your sales / marketing initiatives and eventually update your website with any vetted ideas.

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