Digital Marketing Is Great, but Don’t Forget the Phone Call or the Handshake



The rationale for the launch of MoreVisibility back in 1999 was the notion that Search was a much more intelligent tool for connecting sellers with buyers than anything which had come before it.

Why spend all day pounding the phones or sending out loads of direct mail to identify individuals (B2B or B2C) who were interested in what you had to say, when you could instead create a website and show up in the Search results anytime someone looked online for the product or service you’re offering?

This certainly holds true today. In fact, we all understand that the ability to precisely target (and re-target) continues to evolve. That said, it’s valuable to maintain an historical appreciation of the role that personal communication plays and apply more of it to our sales and marketing efforts today.

Prospective and current customers, especially in B2B, appreciate being recognized as unique individuals with needs particular to them. While it’s possible to learn about your customers through online interactions, the amount of knowledge and trust gained by speaking with them on the phone and meeting with them in person (when economically and geographically feasible) is unmatched.

Build time into your schedule to reach out to your clients via phone or in person. Take them to lunch and meet their co-workers; even if it requires travel to accomplish. Not only will you have happier, more engaged customers, but you will likely be differentiating yourself from your competitors.

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