In-House Is The New Black



I often get asked “What’s new in the industry?”

Over the years, there has been a rolling list of new Digital strategies and tactics like: Paid Inclusion (many years ago), Mobile, Social, Google Tag Manager, Programmatic Advertising, Sitelinks, etc.

As a result, there’s always been an easy answer to the question.

In thinking through what the industry is experiencing lately, I’d answer the question “What’s new?” with the fact that companies are increasingly implementing aspects of their Digital Marketing initiatives in-house.

While that may seem like an unfavorable omen for someone who runs a Digital Marketing agency, I think it actually presents an incredible opportunity for MoreVisibility and businesses that are considering bringing these activities under their roof.

A few initial thoughts….

  • It’s challenging to find individuals who are highly proficient in SEO, SEM, Analytics, Content creation, etc. I know, as we face these hurdles everyday while trying to (very selectively) grow our team.
  • The notion that it’s possible to find an individual who possesses legitimate skills in multiple areas is far-fetched. If you’ve worked with us at any point, you know that our team is comprised of specialists in each area. For example, we don’t expect the person who is performing a technical SEO audit of your website to also be managing your Paid Social Campaign(s).

There are many valid reasons that companies aspire to bring these competencies in-house. There is also an endless list of companies who wind up spending more money attempting this and who experience weaker results due to poor hiring and flawed execution than they were previously garnering (out of house).

With all of this being said, I want to share that we’ve had tremendous success over the years helping organizations craft a strategy and bring certain elements of their Digital Marketing initiatives in-house. We intimately understand the skill sets required and we also know how to set up departments that can thrive. 

Areas where we can help include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Crafting and implementing a game plan to bring an entire department in-house.

    • Phases of execution
    • Expectations and milestones for performance
  • Training for individuals already on your team or whom you are about to hire
  • Mentoring for department managers
  • Auditing results

There’s no aspect of Digital Marketing that’s static! Things will continue to evolve. If your internal department is intended to be a long term, highly profitable endeavor, then we can help.

Please reach out to me directly via phone (561-620-9682) or email ( if you’d like to discuss.

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