What GOOGLE Wants You to Know – Q2 Digital Advertising



MoreVisibility recently hosted a half-day workshop in South Florida, along with our partners from Google.  A packed house joined our teams to learn about new Digital Marketing strategies and hear updates straight from the source! Our company coordinates these Digital Marketing workshops several times throughout the year, in South Florida and other U.S. cities, as an ongoing commitment to providing “Best Practices” and insights to marketers of all levels.

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With speakers from both companies, and yours truly serving as emcee, we had a very interactive discussion with audience members representing both B2B and B2C companies from a wide range of verticals and geographic markets. The diverse audience led to some great partnership and networking conversations, but also reminded us how the fundamental principles to marketing success don’t change from one organization to another.  Those are standard and universal – with everyone needing a good reminder to think about the basics once in a while!

A few highlights of the “hot topics” covered during this workshop include:

  • Voice Search – Are you researching what percentage of users are currently using voice for searching to get to your website in Google Ads and Analytics? If not, the time is now to begin to understand consumer behavior as it relates to speaking search queries versus typing. There are big variances in the length and tone of those queries.
  • Smart Bidding for your Interactive Advertising campaigns within Google Ads. Multiple signals are taken into consideration, in real-time, to adjust bid prices. This includes the type of campaign utilized, location, device, query, browser, ad copy, etc. Very powerful!
  • Responsive Search Ads – Use the power of Google’s machine learning to accomplish multiple variation ad copy testing in a fraction of the time and with much less work. No expensive third party experimentation platforms or extra manpower are required; it’s all done within the Google Ads interface (while still having some control on branding and messaging) whereby it can permeate every variation in rotation.
  • User Experience – Although many of the concepts covered aren’t revolutionary or “new”, it’s incredible how many advertisers forget them when building or selecting landing pages for ad campaigns. Keep your “Calls to Action” clear, above the fold and compelling, while ensuring the user journey is easy and obstacle-free. Take into consideration multiple devices when mapping the journey to accommodate every visitor. Not only do these practices increase or assist with conversion rates, but they will also help to increase your Quality Score with Google. Within Google Ads, that score can impact your ranking as well as the actual cost per click – positively or otherwise.

MoreVisibility Employees in front of Workshop Poster

MoreVisibility has its next Digital Advertising Workshop slated for Thursday, May 9th in New York City.  Hope to see you there!

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