Building Your Personal Brand



While at first glance you may feel this article is about self-promotion, it’s actually also about the benefits this can have for your organization. Building your personal brand is both good for you, the individual, and the organization you’re a part of.

The ability to establish yourself as a thought leader and resource in your field certainly supports the professional development goals most of us have. However, these same actions can have a valuable impact on the business. There could be some ancillary PR for the company from the individual’s brand building initiatives, such as an author/speaker Bio section that provides some about you and your experience(s), which in turn will include your company or employer.

Ideas on how to establish your personal brand include:

  •  Writing or filming valuable content to demonstrate and/or showcase your expertise in a field. This can be used on personal blogs or social media channels, as well as repurposed or endorsed by the company.
  •  Curating social media posts, both text and imagery (pictures or videos), for your personal channels that are then Liked/Shared by the company channels.
  •  Serving as a guest author or speaker for industry associations or respected partners who are known in the field and have followings.

The above actions accomplish a few things. First, they allow you to really showcase what you are known for in your field to those in it. Second, they validate that your company hires/employs people who are very well versed in the field. The latter is what can be an added value for the company. Showcasing your team’s worth and expertise will certainly weigh heavily in the minds of those making a decision to do business with your company.

Building your personal brand can be a win-win situation, so likely your employer will assist and support the effort!

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