Digital Marketing for Healthcare – Recap of HCIC 2019



MoreVisibility was a sponsor at the Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) held in early November in Orlando, Florida. An influx of marketers (and technology providers) from healthcare systems around the country converged for three days of discussion, presentations and networking. Our team enjoyed catching up with many of our clients in attendance, while seeing many hospitals and facilities represented for the first time. We were fortunate to meet with many of these marketing teams, even if it was only because they wanted to experience our amazing, in-booth digital caricaturist!

There were a few key topics and themes that seemed to resonate throughout this event in attendee discussion and healthcare system challenges from 2019, with a further focus on them in 2020:

  • Digital Transformation
  • 360° tracking and measurement on digital efforts (ROI analysis)
  • Breaking down the silos of channel marketing
  • Holistic organizational approach, especially to combine forces between technology/IT and traditional MarCom

I was fortunate enough to be joined by Allyson Collins, who was representing our client NYU Langone Health, to present a session in the CRM, Analytics and Data Integration track.  Allyson and I shared some of the challenges her organization has faced as they have scaled and grown quickly, without always having the appropriate resources to keep up.  They overcame some of this by ensuring all content, SEO and digital marketing efforts were easily able to be tracked (with preset KPIs) to demonstrate success. Through the proof of these results, her team was able to gain additional resources and budgets, thereby expanding in size, gaining external partners and being able to do more. The key was setting proper goals and objectives for each effort being undertaken, having the necessary technology support to make global changes on the website and obtaining leadership support to enforce a top-down, collaborative approach by all teams toward a common mission.

One really neat side note from our session was the inclusion of an artist from Workman Ink, who live drew our content on a gigantic poster board in the front of the audience while we spoke. This brought a great visual dynamic to the points we were verbally explaining…See their final product below.

Are you a healthcare marketer struggling with some of these same challenges? We can help make 2020 different, let’s talk.

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