Make Sure That the Rest of Your Organization Understands Your Digital Marketing Strategy & Initiatives



I spend a lot of time meeting with our clients all over the country at their businesses. It’s one of my favorite activities, as I get to learn so much about different industries and the challenges that they face in terms of identifying, connecting with and selling into their target audiences.

While I am seeing an increased understanding and adoption of Digital Marketing concepts across organizations, I am nonetheless reminded that too often, the rest of a company is out of the loop when it comes to understanding the objectives of the Marketing team.

You may ask why this matters. It’s material, because top performing Digital Marketing programs leverage company-wide support and flailing ones often struggle for internal validation and resources.

As an example, most organizations have difficulty keeping pace with the ongoing task of producing fresh content for their website and social channels. Part of the hurdle I believe is the time / effort required to actually create new materials. There’s often also a lack of understanding as to how valuable different perspectives can be in helping an organization define and amplify their voice online, while keeping the content calendar full.

We do a lot of work in Healthcare and for many years it was incredibly tough for Marketing teams to get physicians in hospitals to contribute their expertise. I’m pleased to share that we’ve seen incredible progress in this regard, and I believe it’s due to a much greater understanding of how vital doctor’s content can be to a hospital’s marketing efforts. This can be witnessed by both engagement metrics along with increases in appointments generated online. Consider how this might relate to your business.

If you invest the time to explain the purpose of Digital Marketing activities, like content creation and the benefits it can deliver to the organization, chances are that you’ll see an uptick in buy-in.

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