3 Quick Digital Marketing Wins to Help Wrap 2019 Successfully



It is incredible to look back and feel how fast 2019 has whipped by. In a few short weeks the beginning of the Holiday Season will be upon us and preparations to move ahead to the New Year will be here before you know it. Don’t fear!  It is never too late for changes to be made within your Digital Marketing strategy or plans, allowing for a strong finish to this calendar year.

Here are my top three suggestions for ways to swiftly and effectively impact your Digital Marketing results, and the bottom line, before that crystal ball drops in Times Square, New York.

  1. Establish KPIs for every marketing campaign and digital effort you currently have running. These may differ from channel to channel or effort, and that’s ok! If your marketing team has yet to define clear and measurable goals (that are reasonable based upon the type of activity and intended purpose) for all the activities tied to budget/resources you have in place – do this now, please. Thank me later. It’s impossible to feel successful if you don’t define what success looks like.  Create a clearly documented and defined path to evaluate performance for each line item on the marketing plan.  Then start measuring!  You can establish solid benchmarks before the year is out and start with clean data in 2020.
  2. Create Content – all types and all formats. Long form, short form, imagery, audio and video. By now, your organization likely has a content strategy to follow for onsite and offsite. That’s the easy part. Where most companies get stuck is in the execution – consistent and frequent execution – of this plan. Seek outside help for next year if keeping up with content production, on a regular basis, is not something the team (or you if a sole marketing warrior) was able to keep up with in 2019. Given the importance and value content has on your SEO results, as well as added benefits for User Engagement / Experience and upper funnel branding or awareness campaigns … No better time to jump in. So, write, talk, film – GO!
  3. Be a Prospect or Customer. It is a great time to walk in the steps of your prospects and customers and experience the process from start to finish as they do. Step back and go through the actions you are asking of your leads. Too many steps? Gated content that shouldn’t be? Disconnect in messaging to landing page? No auto reply or nurture where there should or could be?  Too many days before salesperson follows up?

Many quick website wins can be picked up from going through this process.

Take the time to do it now and reap the benefits immediately.

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