When Google Says “Jump”, Do We Ask “How High”?



If you have been in Digital Marketing since the late 1990’s, you surely have an appreciation for how greatly the industry has matured. With that, things have become more standardized in terms of what’s acceptable, what isn’t and how new tools, tactics and strategies have impacted the way campaigns (Organic or Paid) are managed.

On the Organic front, Search Engines have evolved from the Wild West to becoming an orderly arrangement of results that take into consideration the factors that they (mainly Google) deem as most important for the sake of the individual performing the search. Whereas in past, tactics like Link Building were vital to gaining impressive Organic traction, the focus today is much more on creating a Content Strategy that aligns with different parts of a Buyer’s Journey and making sure that the most appropriate information is ranking at different stages of the journey. So, unless rebelling against Google is your desired strategy, it’s really important to understand their criteria and adapt your marketing efforts accordingly.

From a Paid perspective, Google is and has always been proactive in leading agencies and marketers toward their recommended next steps for campaign optimization. Priorities in the past have included making sure that there’s a logical transition from ad copy in the search results to landing pages and the necessity for developing Mobile / Responsive websites (for an improved user experience).

Today, Google’s chief point of focus is the adoption of Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence and they are working closely with agencies to get their clients on board. Their rationale is that these advanced techniques allow for continuous testing and refinement to boost campaign performance. It’s not a “rule” that these tools be employed, but rather a strong recommendation with lots of empirical data to support their use.

MoreVisibility is one of Google’s oldest Agency partners. Our relationship pre-dates Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords).

While we are always maintaining a healthy and skeptical curiosity about Google’s newest offerings, we have witnessed time after time their goal of improving the user experience is on target and in the best interests of our clients.

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