How to Continue Open Communication with Customers During COVID-19



As the coronavirus continues to spread fear, uncertainty, and uneasiness throughout the world. It is important for all businesses, small and large, to continue to communicate with their customers and potential customers. The objective should be to remain connected with your audience to ensure that your brand and company remain top of mind now and after COVID-19.

It is important to be mindful of your tone and messaging, while staying connected through the appropriate channels and mediums. Below are some communication tips and pointers on how to position your business and where to share information.

#1 Show Solidarity & Support Your Community

If your company is able, show solidarity and help support the community by donating money, services, time, or products. Some ideas include:

  • Giving thanks to essential workers
  • Providing free resources (informational guides, monetary donations)
  • Offer Subscription Discounts
  • Pivot to offer online trainings

Remember to always be honest with your customers about what you can and cannot provide right now. The transparency will help to build trust and loyalty with consumers during a stressful time.

#2 Continue Digital Marketing Advertisements

With more people at home using the internet, streaming videos, scrolling social media, and researching online, now is the perfect time to make sure your company’s digital ads are live and optimized. Now more than ever, there is great opportunity to place your business in-front of your customers and potential customers to drive sales and lead generation.

It is important to remember that the tone and messaging that was used before the COVID-19 outbreak may no longer be appropriate. Take time to review your messaging to confirm it is relevant and emphatic to the times. Some messaging theme examples:

  • “We are here for you!”
  • “Open and running”
  • “Still shipping in X days”
  • Highlight how the company is helping and supporting the community

Depending on various factors it may be beneficial to focus efforts on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook Ads. For help or questions about the optimization of your digital ads please email us today at

#3 Use & Update Google My Business

Be on it, use it, and update it. Google My Business is a powerful way to convey information about your business to prospects and customers. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, make sure that your company’s Google My Business is up-to-date with the correct services offered, hours of operation, and events. Some examples:

  • Doctor Offices that now offer telehealth
    • Make sure your services section is updated to include “telehealth”
  • Restaurants that offer takeout, curbside, and delivery
    • Ensure your hours of operation are updated and services include “take-out,” “curbside,” or “delivery”
  • Closed schools
    • Share with your audience that your school is closed, but still accepting admissions
    • List “online training” as a service

#4 Selling & Lead Generation Online

With more people spending time at home and unable to go out, it is important to make sure your business is selling products online, if applicable. This is especially important for non-essential items, which are seeing an increase in online sales. Forbes particularly highlights home goods, athletic wear, and loungewear. However, this upward trend may spread further through the retail industry the longer consumers are staying at home. Make sure your business is prepared and does not miss out on opportunity to sell online.

In addition, if your business is focused on lead generation, now is the time to review your online forms to make sure they are offering a good user experience and your employees are ready to respond quickly to all inquiries.

#5 Create & Share More Content

Create, Share, & Repeat! Take the time and energy now to create sharable content around your brand and company. This can include:

  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Highlighting customer testimonials
  • Interactive quizzes

Having content available to share with consumers will help keep your customers and potential customers engaged. Also, if the content is quality, it will be shared online to help place your business on the tops of minds of more individuals.

#6 Engage Customers on Social Media

Communicate with and engage your audience on social media by creating posts and stories on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Let your customers know how you are helping the community and how you can help them. In addition, share updates about your business operationally and how you are still available (or not) to help meet their needs. Also, it is important to share with your audience all the sharable content you have created through blog posts, videos and customer testimonials.

Lastly, show thanks to your customers, to essential workers and to the healthcare industry for all that they are doing during this time.

As we continue to move through this season together it is important for us all to remain connected and communicative. For help with any of the above tips, please feel free to contact MoreVisibility at with any questions you may have.

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