August 2020 Newsletter

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YouTube: How to Reach Your Business Goals

Through this webinar, Google will share the importance of video in your digital advertising campaigns.

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Andrew Wetzler


One of my favorite marketing sayings is “honor channel preference”. It alludes to the fact that what sales and marketing professionals think is important / valuable is completely secondary to what their target audience’s behavior indicates.

Danielle Leitch


I have always had an affinity for using LinkedIn since it first rolled out years ago (and promoting the use of it to others). Once the Advertising platform was released, then it became an even more valuable tool for B2B marketers. By combining the organic posting content options with the rich targeted data for Sponsored ads, this social network became a very powerful source of lead generation when used correctly.

Fiorella Öxndal


As the pandemic continues to impact the way organizations do business, the ability for paid advertising’s messaging and visibility to easily pivot alongside the business, has made it a crucial component of any marketing mix.

Matt Crowley


Q: How Do I Benchmark My Website Visibility Against The Competition?

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