LinkedIn: Using AI and Chatbots for Lead Generation



I have always had an affinity for using LinkedIn since it first rolled out years ago (and promoting the use of it to others). Once the Advertising platform was released, then it became an even more valuable tool for B2B marketers. By combining the organic posting content options with the rich targeted data for Sponsored ads, this social network became a very powerful source of lead generation when used correctly. I say correctly, because many advertisers either don’t invest the time and resources to regularly post engaging and informative organic content to a well-built following … OR, when running a paid campaign within the channel, they have unrealistic expectations (either volume of leads, wrong KPI given level of funnel it really is or improper budget).

Recently, LinkedIn introduced a new type of ad format very similar to Facebook Messenger Ads which is typically used for a B2C audience. This expands the opportunities for marketers to tap into lead generation on LinkedIn with a very refined audience (based on your selects).

LinkedIn’s “Conversation Ads” reminds me of when I was a child and read books which allowed the reader to create their own adventure or story flow.

In order to do this for the reader/user, the advertiser must invest time upfront to craft different relevant scenarios which make sense and will encourage engagement. As you can see from the below diagram, if these preliminary steps aren’t taken (customized ad templates created within the platform) then you run the risk of mid-experience abandonment, or poor engagement and lack of campaign success.

Conversation Ads offers a tremendous potential to scale your business with highly targeted leads, for any stage of the buyer or decision-making journey.

Check them out!

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