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Q: After a busy Ecommerce Holiday season, what are some tips to keep the momentum going into 2021?

Sales and Discounts: Make sure in January and early on in 2021 you push sales and discounts that get excess products and goods “off your shelf,” and attract customers you have Gift Cards to use. Users with Gift Cards are likely to spend more than the amount they have so you can generate extra revenue.

Keep up with Annual Trends: Health, wellness, beauty, and fitness ecommerce brands should gear up for the Post-Christmas boom. However you do not have to be a direct supplier of these industries to make an impact on revenue if you partner with brands, and advertise your product as a great counter-part for products in these industries. You should also consider a creative refresh to begin 2021.

Use Data from the Holiday Season: Combing the holiday rush with the pandemic, 2020 likely brought a lot of traffic to your site – use your audience indicators, analytics platforms, and other tools to deep dive into your customer demographics and use that information to target and entice them in January 2021.

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