Google Changes Arriving in 2021



There are a few changes coming in 2021, which advertisers should be aware of and preparing for.

Many times, Google will make shifts or adjustments in their products without (much) notice, so it’s always a welcome experience to receive advance notification.

Google AdWords has been using machine learning and artificial intelligence for a little while already. A recent Google webinar we hosted showcased some of these changes in action. However, they continue to roll out more and more automation within the platform – which is likely something to be aware and take notice of. Many of the options are beneficial and certainly helpful – but if you are not aware of these or realize what being done on your behalf as the advertiser, you could be in for a surprise.

On the Analytics front, they have announced the next generation of Google Analytics (GA) which is GA4. We have some time to prepare for this one but strongly suggest acting sooner rather than wait. There are preparations to make now, a which is important for data collection. Our Analytics Evangelist, Theo Bennett, detailed his thoughts about this Google Analytics platform change.

Finally, it’s certainly rare we learn of an organic search, Google SEO update far in advance. However, likely Google’s position here was to help Marketers, given that these changes may require website work. Allowing notice provides organizations the ability to plan for necessary changes based on the update, while conducting routine or scheduled maintenance to their websites. Given the importance Google places on UX, and how ultimately that is beneficial to a business anyway, the investments made here are very valuable.

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