My Year End Poem



I often end the year with a poem for the MoreVisibility team that shares some perspective and hopefully injects some humor.

This year, I’m writing one for our newsletter as well. Here goes…


We wrapped 2019 with a party celebrating 20 years.

How naive were we to think that 2020 would be all cheers.

MoreVis has been very fortunate to weather the storm. 

Our team has rocked for our clients, but that’s actually the norm.

Remote work is only effective if it’s managed well. 

Through collaborating remotely with our clients over many years, we’ve learned how to gel.

A year that started with lots of business travel is ending with a Zoom!

Onto 2021 and hopefully a return to normalcy with a boom.

There’s lots to tackle in 2021. 

From GA-4 to Google’s new privacy rules, there’s no time to snooze.

Last one to the party will usually lose. 

Our partner events with Google all went online.

Lots of great content, but not the same as hanging in Google’s Chelsea food line.

Leapfrog your competitors by marking your Digital priorities as high.

And last but not least heed the wisdom given to Marty McFly.

Happy new year!

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