Leverage LinkedIn to Cultivate Meaningful Relationships



I’m amazed by the number of companies that offer to generate appointments / leads for other companies. Without passing any judgement on their effectiveness (the degree to which they can actually do what they say they can do), I want to reaffirm the concept that LinkedIn presents an unbelievable opportunity to reach any audience in a methodical, cost effective and ongoing manner.

There are a few ways that you can utilize LinkedIn:

  • Organic
    • Brand Building
    • Thought Leadership
    • Lead Generation
  • Paid
    • Highly Targeted Advertising

While it’s usually a corporate decision to run paid advertising or manage the corporate LinkedIn page, it’s an individual choice and task to develop an Organic presence that can deliver tangible results.

Organic results require both a content game plan and an ongoing commitment to building a relevant network of connections / followers.  Next, it’s about communicating with them in a consistent manner that showcases your ability to help them solve their business’ needs / problems. This applies to both individual and corporate pages.

The expectation with Organic LinkedIn is that any content that’s posted be relevant and educational. Most of us, if willing to invest the time can educate / share some valuable insights about their company / industry, etc. that your prospects could benefit from. It can take several forms (writing / videos) and vary in length.

Explaining what’s involved is the easy part. Creating interesting material and cultivating connections to share requires significant effort. The fruits lie in building trust with your connections and helping them visualize how you can help them.

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