Scrutinize Your Digital Marketing Efforts to Attain the Resources You Need



One certainty of Digital Marketing (in 2020) is that nothing is easy. From competitive challenges to internal detractors, Digital Marketers are too often struggling to carve out the “appropriate” level of resources within their organizations that they could benefit from deploying.

What can be done about this, particularly for B-B marketers? It feels a bit crazy that in 2020 some Digital Marketers are still having to explain (justify) their efforts, but that’s the case in many companies.

What can Digital Marketers do to highlight and enhance their performance / perception?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Go through your website with a fine-tooth comb. Identify and fix any glaring problems which impact an action step that you’re looking for a prospect to take.
  • Make sure that your analytics / dashboards are accurate and effectively showcasing your efforts and successes. This may require an investment in customization.
  • Create more content (every business needs more) and engage / encourage stakeholders to contribute. This will boost (internal) credibility along with the Organic presence of the website. Social content creation should be a significant portion of the effort, but it’s very valuable to consistently add new material to the website.
  • Are leads that another department could service / fulfill upon being passed along every time? They should be. Is the reverse true?
  • Be willing to get on the telephone and speak with interested prospects instead of expecting your website to do all of the selling for you.
  • Are you re-marketing to folks who don’t convert?…you should be. Spending $ to stay in front of people who have already visited your website is $ well spent.

Transitioning away from traditionally effective selling tools and tactics has been a very gradual process with mixed results for many B-B organizations. This has often led to companies being behind on the learning curve for Digital Marketing and susceptible to losing out to new competitors who have better adjusted or lack the historical baggage.

If you’d like to discuss related challenges (or any others), please let me know.

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