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Q: How Should I Use My COVID-19 Google Ads Credit?

A: Google wants to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) stay in touch with their customers during this challenging time. That’s why Google is giving SMB customers ad credits, which can be used towards future ad spend. This is part of a larger commitment from Google to support SMBs, health organizations and governments, and health workers on the frontline of this global pandemic.

Credits will show up automatically in qualifying accounts, and the credit can be used up until December 31st, 2020. The big question, how do I make the most of this free money to help my business re-engage customers and recover from COVID-19?

#1 Place your resources where you have the greatest chance of getting conversions. Think geographically, where have your ads performed best in the past 3 months? Is your copy up to date and reflective of the current climate?

#2 Use some of your Google Credit dollars to support your new offerings. Highlight new services like curbside pickup, delivery, online shopping/e-commerce, etc.

#3 Think beyond Search. We often fall into the trap of thinking about Google as search-only. Given that the most you will see from this grant is $1,000, the funds might reach further through YouTube. YouTube advertising is more popular than ever, given people are consuming more content now than ever. Best of all, these new audiences should allow you to reach users on YouTube by targeting groups that search for specific or related keywords and even direct URL site links.

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