How Can We Help You? How Can Marketers Help Others?



MoreVisibility is fortunate to employ incredible Digital Marketing experts. Instead of our usual Monthly Newsletter in March 2020, we’d like to hone in on some essentials that could be of value to you and your fellow Marketers.

In times of need and especially crisis, we should all ask ourselves how we can help our staff, our clients, and the larger community. Asking your clients what they need from your organization, and sharing how they can reach your business (communicating any adjustments to hours or services available) is paramount. Beyond that, if you’re in a position to help (large or small), get creative on what your business can offer the B2B and B2C communities to make their jobs and lives easier.

Digital Marketing Resources & Content:

Helpful Marketing Tips & Considerations:

  • Communicate where your customers are – meaning platforms they monitor and where updates can be made quickly (i.e. Social Media, SMS Messaging, Email).
  • Provide solutions, answer questions and be helpful in your marketing.
  • Audit existing campaigns for sensitivity (marketing automation, social scheduling, insensitive promoted posts or words/imagery used given Covid19 crisis).
  • The world changed overnight; businesses need to also. ADAPT. PIVOT.
  • Many services and products are in high demand, just now delivered in a different format – are you prepared?
  • Calendar Q2 will be different than planned for. Adjust your marketing NOW. #MarketMindfully
  • For those in healthcare, Google revised its policy on Covid19 for paid advertising (AdWords).
    • Coronavirus falls into Google Ads’ Sensitive Events All ads related to Coronavirus will be disapproved, and all Coronavirus-related keywords are unavailable for bidding.
    • The landing page restrictions have been lifted for search (i.e. The use of COVID-19 related terms only on the landing page will no longer be labeled for Sensitive Events for Google Search.)
    • Government organizations can apply to show ads for health-related Public Service Announcements (PSAs) only; non-health-related PSAs (e.g. income security, business loans) are ineligible, and so are non-governmental entities (e.g. the UN, the Red Cross). This caters more towards the Healthcare segment.

We hope this information is useful to you. These are the days to come together and help one another – channel into your company’s generosity and your team’s talents and focus on what you have to offer others.

And, above all else, remember to #MarketMindfully during trying times!

– Danielle Leitch

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