May 2020 Newsletter

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Digital Marketing Checklist: How to Pivot & Prepare

Our world has changed drastically in the blink of an eye, and so too our marketing must evolve.

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Andrew Wetzler


Sometimes I’ve found it’s helpful to “coach” a client on things like setting expectations or how to champion internally for additional resources. Sometimes clients coach me as well. Whether in person or on the phone, I’m always curious and learning.

Marissa Dilione


The idea that people are influenced by the decisions and actions of others around them is called Social Proof. If we are unsure about what to do, we often seek reassurance or input from others before making a decision. This is why it can be one of the most effective ways for persuading people to take a desired action.

Matt Crowley


Q: As Economies Begin to Reopen, How Do I Kick-Start My SEO & SEM Efforts?

Eye on Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 33
Developing an Effective Content Strategy in a Post-COVID World

Business are preparing to reopen, but have you stopped to think about what your brand’s Content Strategy will look like moving forward? Here are some tips to get you started.

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