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Q: As Economies Begin to Reopen, How Do I Kick-Start My SEO & SEM Efforts?

There are 3 specific areas we recommend focusing on when kick-starting your SEO and SEM efforts. These are:

  1. Identify & Prioritize the Most Profitable Areas of Your Business. You’ll likely want to prioritize these with SEM initiatives, as you can make more expedient changes and see faster results.
  2. Analyze SEM Campaign Performance & Identify Where SEO Can Help. This could be a very competitive and expensive set of keywords, where with some effort you could increase your SEO visibility dramatically.
  3. Focus on the Right KPIs. Analyze channel performance in aggregate and separately, according to the right KPIs for your business. You’ll want to see how the channels can work together, but also focus on the right KPIs at a more tactical level given that there are still differences in optimization and success metrics for each.
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