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One thing that’s become evident during the past few months is the disparity in how industries have been impacted by the Pandemic. Areas such as Travel & Tourism remain down dramatically. According to the New York Times, a full tourist rebound in New York City isn’t predicted until 2025! Talk about the need to pivot…

Tourism and other brick and mortar affected industries aside, activity in many other sectors has been quite robust and in certain instances overwhelming.

It doesn’t appear that in-person business interactions will be starting in earnest until mid to late 2021. So whatever sales and marketing folks having been doing since mid-March is apt to be continued for many more months. This leads to the questions……

  • Is what I’m doing working?
  • Are there other things I should be doing instead or in addition?
  • Are there Digital-related projects that need to be prioritized and implemented?

On November 19th, Macy’s reported a 27% increase in Digital revenue (for the 3rd quarter) while in stores sales were off by more than 20%. As the article explains, the increase in Digital wasn’t enough to offset the volume of in-store losses, but the online gains are notable, nonetheless.

Digital Marketing innovation is all over the place. Whether it’s how you share your content with the engines / social channels (like structured data markup and shopping feeds) or geo- targeting or enhanced Artificial Intelligence tactics, there’s a lot going on.

Everyone’s Zoomed-out, but the communication efficiencies it’s facilitated have been incredible. We will all get back on the road, hopefully sooner rather than later, but I think the lasting impact will be the embracing of remote meetings in lieu of in-person ones to a huge degree.

The next few weeks are the ideal time to be getting (re)organized for 2021. Next month, I’ll share several ideas for charging out of the gates into the new year.

In the meantime, feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to get a jumpstart.

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