Facebook Lifts 20% Rule on Ad Images



Facebook recently announced they are moving away from the 20% text rule on image ads which is welcomed news to many advertisers. Previously, ads that exceeded the 20% rule (with a few exceptions) were at risk of running with impeded impression delivery or possibly not running at all depending on the percentage of text contained within the ad.

Over the years, advertisers have struggled with the text rule as it restricted creativity in ad design. However, Facebook states it still finds ads with less than 20% text perform better and urges advertisers to keep ‘text short, clear and concise’.

While this shift will provide advertisers with more design flexibility, common sense should prevail in exercising restraint in adding additional text to your image and carousel ads. As a best practice, ad images should appear uncluttered without excessive text for optimal user experience and performance.

How do you know if you are adding too much text to your image ads? That’s not necessarily easy to predict. Experimentation will help you uncover which variants are most effective based on your campaign goals. On-going creative testing and experimentation should already be part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Facebook makes it easy to implement A/B testing in Ads Manager which will help you gain a better understanding of ever-changing audience preferences to improve future campaigns.

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