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Q: How do I know I need to revisit my Google Analytics configuration?

If you have not recently evaluated your Google Analytics tracking strategy and configuration – here are some indicators that you are overdue:

#1 Account Structure

The account hierarchy is crucial to your tracking strategy. It can impact:

  • Ease and accuracy of pulled reports
  • How data can be analyzed
  • Amount of sampling encountered

If your website is part of a larger ecosystem of sites, subdomains, microsites or versions (language variations for examples) – it is so important to get this right.

#2 Key Site Actions

As your business and website have evolved, how has that impacted marketing objectives? Do the Goals and Events used within your GA account reflect your business priorities today?

If you are not able to answer yes to the latter, it is time to revisit your tracking strategy.

#3 UTM Tagging (Non – Google Ads)

You should be able to say “yes” to the following:

  • The UTM tagging strategy was not driven solely by IT or an agency – marketing was part of the conversation and understands how the strategy impact the data they see in the UI
  • Internal team member and external partners are following the structure
  • UTM data feeding into the account is monitored for consistency

#4 GA4

Google Analytics 4 was introduced at the end of last year and it the largest update made since 2012 when Universal Analytics was released.

GA4 changes the way data is collected and reported. Implementation is different and there are new enhanced tracking and reporting capabilities. There are a lot of exciting changes happening that must be considered.

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