62.5% Of Digital Marketing Success is Just ‘Showing Up’



There’s a saying by a famous actor that “80% of success is just showing up”. From a Digital Marketing perspective, that translates into showing up in Google’s search results or on Social Media. While that’s an important step toward gaining visibility and generating revenue / leads, etc. online, it’s only part of the story and 62.5% is probably generous.

That being said, competitive forces in most industries have evolved to the point that a phenomenal (website, social, etc.) user experience is essential to ongoing success.  There are simply too many marketers in 2021 that have accomplished the “showing up” (paid, organically or both) part. Thus, the bar continues to be raised.

In order to actually be effective, which I equate to ongoing Digital Marketing profitability, you need to be checking a whole bunch of ‘boxes’ in order to give yourself the best shot of acquiring leads, consummating transactions etc.

A good starting point is to objectively analyze how your website / social presence stacks up. Invest the time to closely study how your competitors’ present themselves. Peel back the curtains and study items like the intuitiveness of the taxonomy (how a website is organized), aesthetics, how pricing compares, return policy, chat features, online reviews, etc.

Google has recently shared that they will continue prioritizing websites which offer the most favorable user experiences. It’s vital to understand the particulars of Google’s Page Experience update. Although the announcement of the update is relatively recent, Google’s been evangelizing the importance of the website experience since their inception. They continue to refine what they are looking for and it’s up to all website owners to understand and interpret that guidance ifattaining the best possible Organic and on-page results is the objective.

We’re experts in helping organizations balance user experience with other website demands to achieve the greatest impact. Please reach out if you’d like to discuss how your website experience can be improved upon.

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