March 2021 Newsletter

NYU Langone: Building an In-house Content Team

Hear how NYU Langone is poised for Google’s upcoming Algorithm change and the strategic direction their Agency, MoreVisibility, is providing to help them prepare.

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Andrew Wetzler


It is always important to take inventory of your website assets and overall digital strategy.
Take the time and invest in your marketing success. Hear my thoughts on how to do this efficiently and effectively.

Max Braglia


Are you relaying data from the engines or telling a good story with your data in your reporting? Let’s discuss the difference.

Tony Villanova


The long-time metric of Bounce Rate in Universal Analytics will not be carried over to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Bounce Rate is defined as the percentage of single-page sessions in which there was no interaction with the page. A bounced session has a session duration of 0 seconds.

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