Winter 2023 Newsletter

Eye on Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 48
GA4 and the Power of Enhanced Conversions

The change from UA to GA4, the difference first-party data makes and new reporting is on the horizon for all.

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Anthony Gallegos


If you own/operate an ecommerce business, the new year is a perfect time to give your ecommerce website the refresh that it needs. With the holiday season behind us, it is time to prepare for the year ahead.

Harrison Mateika


Before GA4, a connection from Google Analytics to BigQuery was only available for those that paid for the Analytics 360 version. However, with GA4, a free connector was made available to all users, allowing Google to open BigQuery to all businesses.

Jill Goldstein


Last year, I put together a list of my Top 3 PPC New Year’s Resolutions (for 2022). I find that by writing down my goals and adding details around how I can achieve them I’m able to do so. So, in that vein, I have mapped out my top 3 goals for 2023 below.

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