Integrating Google Analytics & Google Ads

Sync Google Analytics with Google Ads for Improved Paid Ad Performance

April 19, 2019
Episode 21

The rise of mobile devices and new digital technologies has caused the customer journey to change drastically in recent years. Your target audience conducts research about products/services across a variety of devices, which causes their journeys to become more fast-paced and non-linear. Integrating Google Analytics and Google Ads is a great solution to combat this.

During this installment of MoreVisibility’s Eye on Digital Marketing, our team of Google Certified experts explores the ways Google Analytics and Google Ads synchronization can help your brand:

  •  Unlock Deeper Insights About Ad Performance
  •  Build Effective Campaigns for Today’s Customer Journey
  •  Drive More Conversions
  •  And More!

If you need assistance with linking your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, please contact the Google Certified experts at MoreVisibility.

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