Google & Facebook Responsive Ads

Amplify Reach & Increase ROI with Responsive Ad Units

June 4, 2019
Episode 23

On the path to conversion, a user may conduct multiple searches via different platforms and devices that results in interaction with multiple ads about the same product from the same advertiser. To ensure you’re providing your targeting audience(s) with the best ad experience, it is vital to have ads that are sized properly for the screen or device that they’re being viewed on. That’s where Google’s Responsive Ads and Facebook’s Dynamic Ads come in!

In this installment of MoreVisibility’s Eye on Digital Marketing podcast, gain insights on how these ad units leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to…

  •  Improve the Potential Reach of Your Paid Ads
  •  Save Marketers Time & Money Creating Banner Ads
  •  Increase Conversions & ROI
  •  And More!

To learn the latest Responsive Ads techniques for Google Ads and Facebook, listen to the entire podcast now!

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