User-Centric Keyword Strategy

Tips to Create a User-Centric SEO Keyword Strategy for Greater Search Engine Success

August 30, 2017
Episode 2

Strategic Keyword selection for SEO is overwhelming – there’s a lot to consider from branding, categorical words, industry jargon, and search volume … but have you stopped to think about what your target audience(s) need and want? The key to keywords is your prospective users. The more you can align keywords with questions, goals, concerns, etc., they have, the better your potential for success.

In this installment of MoreVisibility’s Eye on Digital Marketing podcast, our interactive marketing experts explore what steps to take to create an effective Organic Keyword Strategy, including:

  •  How to identify the “right” keywords
  •  Tools to use to gain further insight on keywords
  •  Tips for shaping and writing content that aligns with your keywords
  •  And more!

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