18% Increase in SEM-Driven Reservations


  • 18% Uplift in Reservations
  • 27% Increase in Average Visit Duration

About Florida Spirit Vacation Homes

Located in Orlando’s prestigious ChampionsGate area, Florida Spirit Vacation Homes offers a comfortable alternative to vacationers by providing vacation homes for rent as opposed to a standard hotel stay.

During the past 10 years with over 100 homeowners and several thousand rental guests, Florida Spirit Vacation Homes’ goal has been to offer not only the best vacation homes possible, but also provide exceptional customer service to its homeowners and rental guests vacationing in Central Florida. By committing to providing comfortable, spacious, and fully equipped vacation homes and exemplary service, Florida Spirit has earned a reputation as Orlando’s superior vacation home provider and property management service.

The Challenge

Florida Spirit Vacation Homes experienced a drop in overall reservations and didn’t know what was causing this decline. In an effort to pinpoint the issue and provide the framework for an overall online plan, MoreVisibility conducted extensive research and compiled a comprehensive Digital “Footprint” Strategy outlining recommendations in the areas of Google Analytics, onsite content optimization, site navigation/taxonomy, SEM/interactive advertising and social media, as well as opportunities for offsite marketing.

The challenge for MoreVisibility: Increase reservations and provide tracking solutions.

The Solution

To help Florida Spirit achieve their goal of increased reservations, focus was put on examining onsite usability, the reservation process funnel, and how the interactive advertising efforts were constructed. To identify tracking solutions, MoreVisibility’s Analytics team examined current measurement issues, traffic and revenue drivers and user behavior flow on the site.

A prioritized task list was then provided to Florida Spirit Vacation Homes to implement. This task list was segmented by direct and non-direct revenue drivers, level of impact to the business, difficulty of implementation and suggested phase of execution (immediate, mid-term, or long-term initiatives).


Florida Spirit tackled the SEM recommendations first. Their existing Google AdWords campaigns were restructured, ad copy optimized and settings, such as daily budget, delivery method, and language, were reconfigured. Within three months of delivering the Digital Strategy Report, Florida Spirit Vacation Homes saw a dramatic change in their interactive advertising results.

The changes included:

  •  18% uplift in reservations.
  •  28% decrease (improvement) in bounce rate.
  •  27% increase in average visit duration.

“We were finishing up the month of February and our numbers were looking really good. One of our best Februarys ever. We increased our CTR [click through rate] and overall conversion rate while decreasing our overall spend. I feel the recommendations made by MoreVisibility were the driving force. I was going to make changes to the website but after seeing these results, we are sticking with MoreVisibility’s plan. We are now moving forward with the Analytics recommendations and look forward to seeing those results.”

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