272% Increase in Leads for Yazoo Mills Achieved After Comprehensive Website Redesign


  • 272% Increase in Organic Leads YoY
  • 186.9% Increase in New Mobile Device Users
  • 667% Increase in Conversion Rate from Paid Ads


Yazoo Mills is one of America’s largest family owned manufacturers of paper tubes and cores and has developed a reputation for excellence in short runs and recutting over its 115 year history. Yazoo Mills services a wide scope of industries nationwide, such as converting, labeling, printing, packaging, flexible packaging, ropes and twines, medical supplies, tapes, graphic arts, etc. Currently serving over 15,000 customers and producing an average of 4 million inches of tubing per day, Yazoo Mills continues to grow and supply a diverse and ever-increasing market.

The Challenge

As Yazoo Mills focused on investments in increased production capacity, as well as unequaled quality and service, the company knew that it would also be critical to invest in Digital Marketing to generate increased awareness and leads to help foster overall company growth.

The Solution

To gain increased awareness and improve lead generation online, it was clear that the first place to focus on was Yazoo Mills’ website. While Yazoo Mills has maintained a strong website for years, MoreVisibility suggested that changes in technology and revisiting Yazoo Mills’ audiences’ search behavior would open new avenues and opportunities to capture demand, particularly with users on mobile devices.

As such, MoreVisibility developed a comprehensive strategy for a website redesign that emphasized aesthetics as well as conversion optimization. This strategy included components such as the following, and more:

  •  New keyword research to identify the words that potential Yazoo Mills’ customers are searching for online.
  •  Updated digital content strategy to craft solution-based content for identified audiences and reach potential new customers and compel them to contact Yazoo Mills.
  •  Fully responsive (mobile-friendly) design with a focus on both capturing demand and converting that demand into leads.
  •  Technical SEO strategy to ensure that the website is well optimized for search engine “crawlers.”
  •  Updated Interactive Advertising strategy.
  •  Combined two Content Management Systems, WordPress and Magento, for easy content publishing and shopping cart functionality.

After developing this comprehensive strategy, MoreVisibility’s design, development, and SEO teams worked to build, launch, and maintain the website. This strategy led to great success, ensuring continuity for existing customers and assisting in the acquisition of new customers.

The Results

When monitoring the results after the website launch, MoreVisibility saw demonstrable improvements. Year over year the results are significant. MoreVisibility not only saw great results in acquisition KPIs (like increases in organic sessions), but also in lead generation indicating that the website is converting existing traffic at a higher rate than ever before in addition to converting new traffic successfully.

  •  Overall Organic Traffic – YoY Change:
    •  Sessions: +17.58%
    •  Users: +34.67%
    •  New Users: +36.97%
    •  Contact Requests: +272.50%
    •  Contact (Goal) Conversion Rate: +216.80%

The results for mobile devices were the most impressive. It’s widely known that catering to mobile users is critical, but it can be undervalued by B2B companies, especially some in the manufacturing space. Thanks to a strong focus on mobile, MoreVisibility was able to bring significant results to Yazoo Mills. This was driven by improved content, design, and user experience via the latest responsive (mobile-friendly) techniques.

  •  Mobile Device Organic Traffic – YoY Change:
    •  Sessions: +145.04%
    •  Users: +149.74%
    •  New Users: +186.89%
    •  Contact Requests: +2,300%
    •  Contact (Goal) Conversion Rate: +879%

In addition, Interactive Advertising campaign results also increased.

  •  Paid Search Traffic – YoY Change:
    •  Sessions: +26.49%
    •  Users: +34.67%
    •  New Users: +36.97%
    •  Contact Us Requests: +870%
    •  Contact Us (Goal) Conversion Rate: +667%
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